Crazy Clown Balancer


Play, Learn, Grow- with our Crazy Clown Balancer. The clown balances upside down, and doesn’t fall. The activity kit involves designing, coloring & adding science to create this magical (scientific) project. It is super fun & children would love the output.

♦ Engaging                                                         ♦ Easy & Fun Science Experiment 

♦ Color-Design-Add Science-Play                  ♦ Playful Learning

♦ STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Maths) BASED LEARNING

♦ 4 Yrs+

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Crazy Clown
Learn Gravity

Balances magically.

With this kids learn to make a clown that balances on its own.

Science is fun, isn’t it? With this toy use the power of gravity to balance the clown with weights. Children learn about centre of gravity while coloring and making this crafty and fun toy.No Line” custom_height=”20″]

Great Design

Clown Like Design

Your Kids will love making this project.

A great clown like design. The crazy Clown is a great way to learn while playing. Children feel fascinated by the colors and have fun while making it. Full colored instruction set to make the DIY project in a step-by-step way.

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