Crazy Flying Copter


Expand your play zone to the skies with the Crazy Flying Copter DIY Kit. Learn about the power of aerodynamics & winding by making this fun science kit. To send this helicopter-inspired gadget flying, just pull the string and watch it zoom into the sky. This simple toy will astound you and your friends. Give the gift of science with toys and gadgets that foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning.

♦ Soft touch design for safety           ♦ Learn key principles of Aerodynamics

♦ STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Maths) BASED LEARNING

♦ 6 Yrs+

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Crazy Copter
Learn Aerodynamics

Easy Physics.

Learn key principles of Aerodynamics

Physics is fun, isn’t it? With this robot use the power of Aerodynamics to create a flying copter. The child will learn physics while playing with this crazy copter.

Great Design

Copter Like Design

Your Kids will love making project.

A great kit with a solid design. Crazy Copter is great to hold and play with. The DIY kit has solid design & child-friendly parts & full colored instruction set to make it in a step-by-step way.

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Dimensions 13.5 x 21.9 x 5.5 cm
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