Shadow art Kit

Jungle Shadow Art DIY Kit

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Shadow art kit is an educational DIY kit to improve child’s presentation skills, vocabulary and creativity. Kit includes story book, 11 shadow puppets, wooden shadow theater, torch, ticket chart and much more. Children can improve their knowledge of the science behind shadow and learn hand shadow using charts provided inside the kit. Children can present incredible shadow stories using this kit. This can also be a group activity. Monky the monkey welcomes you to the Zoo to meet all his jungle friends. The story has fun facts about wild animals and moral of the story says” Live, laugh, love”

♦ Fun, engaging and educative

♦ Enables creativity, inventiveness

♦ learn hand shadow art

Learn the science behind a shadow.

♦7 Yrs+

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Shadow art Kit

Improves Vocabulary

The stories are creatively designed to bring out the creativity of a child in an involving interesting way. The stories are fun to read, it also improves reading skills and vocabulary of young children.

Fascinating & Fun

Easy to assemble, very engaging.

Jungle Shadow Art DIY Kit is a very engaging project. It is not only fun but also teaches small children the science behind shadows in a playful manner. Shadow art is a very fascinating art form and children love making it.

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