Paper Marbling Art Kit


This Water Marbling Technique Kit enables children to make amazing paintings & prints with no or little prior art experience. The technique brings back an ancient art form from India. Paper Marbling is something that everyone should try. It’s very simple and amazing. It involves floating colors on the water surface and creating interesting textures over water surface before transferring them on to a paper.Play | Learn | Grow, we understand that play makes learning and growth natural. Our learning kits provide children with amazing activities and let them have passive learning.



♦ Enhances Creativity and Cognitive Development

 Great Quality Material

10 Yrs+

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Explore the art of marbling

Marbling involves creating a multi-colored pattern of paint that floats on water then fabric or paper is laid on to transfer the design. 

Produce a beautiful and vibrant print

It enables children to make vibrant colored patterns, a painting that is made by floating paints.

Paper Marbling Art Kit

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