learn robotics with coding for children

Robocoders Level 1

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Make you children learn Coding how its meant to be learnt – Hands on, Project based and Tangible. The program that’s not all screens & your child will love it.

Robocoders is a unique & innovative program by Be Cre8v that lets your child invent cool machines using block-based coding, electronics & robotics. Thats not all, it also enables children to create devices that control games & apps coded by them on computer.

  • Make supercool machines, Learn coding through activities, hands-on & DIY projects
  • Tangible coding (Not all screens)
  • Block based scratch like coding
  • 1-1 live support & hand-holding

Code, Make & Invent: Innovative way to learn coding

Present your kids with an awesome and fun kit that ensures that the child learns to code naturally & playfully with hands-on DIY experiments & activities.  The program introduces children to the world of STEM/STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Maths) through Hands-On, DIY & Project based program.

30+ Projects & unlimited possibilities

Sensors, motors, leds & more

Our Robocoders program is perfect for children over 8 years. It’s loaded with sensors, motors, LEDs, buzzers, etc all materials needed to make 100’s of inventions. We have included over 30+ super-cool projects & challenges that children can do.

The best part is that the kit does not require soldering. It’s all child-friendly & plug n play. Wait, even batteries are included. 🙂

  • 30+ projects & challenges with unlimited possibilities
  • Online resources through Learning System
  • 1-1 dedicated support
  • New resources added each month
  • No Soldering required
  • Invention ready

learn robotics with coding for children

Child friendly & Perfect for all levels

The program is perfect for children who are beginners as well as students who have done basic or intermediate coding. The program is based on block-based scratch-like coding which is simple and easy to learn for children.

Children have a tendency to get easily bored. Robocoders program brings in Robotics & electronics that makes Coding fun like never before. This kind of tangible coding has proved to be engaging & more beneficial than traditional screen based coding.  Children apply code to mimic real-life problems & see solutions working in real-world with this program. 

  • Tangible coding is super engaging & better than only screen based coding.
  • Robocoders brings in Hands on, DIY  & Project based learning with Code
  • Children mimic & solve real life problems with this program
  • Perfect for beginners as well as Intermediate students

30+ Coding, Electronic Projects & Challenges

Constructive Engagement with 100’s of hours of content

And many more

Student Gallery

Sensor Based Lamp by Atharva

Atharva coded & created this light-sensing lamp in Be Cre8v Robocoders program. Learn to create & invent with Be Creative’s ROBOCODERS Program.

Super Instrument Project by Atharva

Atharva coded & created a Musical instrument that can be assigned with various sounds. Learn to create & invent with Be Creative’s ROBOCODERS Program.

Toll Booth Project by Anhad

Anhad coded & created a sensor based car toll barrier in our Robocoders program. At Be Cre8v, it’s not just coding, it’s Creative Computing.

Social Distancing project

Social distancing is key to keeping yourself & others safe. Our student coded this project to showcase a sensor-based social distancing system. Be Cre8v Robocoders is an innovative Coding + Robotics invention platform for children.

Wireless Sensor Lamp project by Suryansh

Suryansh coded and invented this sensor-based color-changing lamp in our Robocoders program. At Be Cre8v, it’s not just about coding, it’s about Creative Computing.

Juice Dispenser Machine by Aditya

Aditya coded and invented his fully functional juice dispensing machine in our Robocoders program. At Be Cre8v, it’s not just about coding, it’s about Creative Computing.

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