Wired RC Car


Children love Remote Controlled Toys, imagine how cool and educative it would be if they get to make one. Be Cre8v Wired RC Car DIY Robotics Kit enable a child to make his or her own RC car, using simple and easy to understand instructions and great design, the child can make his or her own remote controlled car that moves in all directions. This Wired RC Car is bright, colorful and perfect for young kids learning to play with remote control toys for the first time. It is not only fun it is very educative, much like other 20+ activity kits by Be Cre8v.

 Innovative and Creative

♦ Learn Electronics & Robotics

♦ No Soldering Required

♦ 7 Yrs+

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Learn Circuitry


With this kids learn to make a multi-directional Wired Remote Controlled Car.

Electronics is fun, isn’t it? Learn how to use switches & circuits to make Remote Controlled machines. 

Great Design

Make More

Its not only a remote controlled car.

This project is fun & supercool, it educates children on remote controlling motors & using switches to do that. Car is just the start, it opens the mind of the child to possibilities.

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