What we do
At Be Cre8v, We Create Creators
Be Cre8v is an innovative educational start-up working on developing STEM & STEAM-based curriculum for children. Being creative is not only fun but very important for everyone. This is why our state of the art Creative educational services offer complete 360-degree solutions in the area of creativity for children. We have provided educational services to various schools and institutions training 1000’s of students.

Our innovative programs such as JUNK JUGAAD (ideas with junk) & Tinker Lab, STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Maths), Electronic Music Making & Jamming, Creative Computing and many more have made us one of the most sought-after edutech startups around. Today, our Creativity Schools deliver our programs at various parts of India from Delhi NCR to Ludhiana to Bangalore & Chennai.


How we do it
Our pedagogy mixes play-based learning with hands-on & project-based learning. All our programs work on this system. Various studies around the world talk about the power of ‘Play’ in educating children. Inculcating various concepts through fun & engaging hands-on, project-based workshops. Our research & experience has shown an extremely positive effect on a child’s cognitive & creative development. By introducing innovative storytelling, gamification, takeaways & rewards, communication, we have made education not only fun but something that’s long lasting & real. We work developing a child’s life skills & inculcating educational concepts with our unique method.


Tinker Lab or STEAM
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths)
Engineer this & design that. This program enables children to learn key skills to make, design & engineer cool devices, machines, Robots & more. Children have a very creative mind, however, due to various distractions this creativity has strayed away. Hence, our program brings an amazing 360 degrees of development in the children. Children will learn to utilize various mediums like Science, Robotics, Electronics, Art and Design etc to create something new in every class. This program brings PBL (project based learning) in a playful manner.

Junk Jugaad

‘Jugaad’ is an Indian slang for an idea. With Junk Jugaad we merge Junk (Regular material) with Jugaad (an Idea) to create something useful. This is an ideology that runs through all of Be Cre8v products & educational services to teach children about using unsimulated regular material to solve problems. Be Cre8v has been instrumental in bringing this ideology to even industry solutions by using simple and creative ways to save energy & promote sustainable energy. In our educational programs, we utilize simple & regular material to make cool things.

STEAM & Junk Jugaa
as Life Skills

Both STEAM & Junk Jugaad deliver a multi-medium approach to learning about creation & problem-solving. By integrating Science Technology Engineering Art & Mathematics along with Junk Jugaad, children explore the use of sustainable energy & recycling while learning about various other concepts. The program uses Robotics & Electronics, Art & Design & Communication to deliver education.
Creative Computing

With this world quickly changing & evolving into the digital & smart era. The introduction of AI, Machine Learning etc have real power to change the world. Our next generations or the children of today are going to be the problem solvers of tomorrow. But sadly children are becoming more of consumers of technology than technology inventors & makers. To enable our next generation, we need to have them understand the language these digital devices & computers understand. ‘CODING IS THAT LANGUAGE’.

Coding encourages critical thinking, problem-solving & logic building in children. We have a world-class program on coding. The coding program is structured into 5 Levels, Starting from Computer interaction to Hardware interfacing to App development, App controlled robots, IOT, AI & Python. The whole program is child-friendly & playful.

While making useful & playful projects, children explore various mediums from cardboard modeling to circuits to aerodynamics & motors. Children explore & create solutions to various problems through simple and creative solutions. The program also encourages observation & identification of problems around us. It encourages constructive collaborations & communication among the peer group.