Flippy Stunt Car


PLAY | LEARN | GROW with our fun Flippy DIY Stunt Car. A great Science & Electronics Project for children. The car auto flips as it goes upside down. Its super fun for children to make it & then play with it.

♦ Engaging                                     ♦ Fun & Educational

♦ No Soldering Required            ♦ Introduction to simple circuits, design & engineering

♦ STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths) BASED LEARNING

♦ 5 Yrs+

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Flippy Stunt Car
Learn Circuitry

Hack Electronics.

With this kids learn to make an auto flip car.

Electronics is fun, isn’t it? With this stunt car use the power of circuitry to create an auto flip car. The car that auto flips as it goes upside down.

Great Design

Car Like Design

Your Kids will love making this car.

A great car like solid design. Flippy Stunt Car is great to hold and play with. The car has solid design & child-friendly parts & full colored instruction set to make the car in a step-by-step way.

Flippy Stunt Car

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